Alpona Media & Interface Pvt. Ltd.

Welcome to our Engineering Services !

We offer a myriad range of services such as manufacturing, distribution, supply and consulting for mechanical, electrical, electronic and civil projects. The list of products that we deal in is are as follows.

Products We Deal In

Coded pressure vessels
Heat Exchangers
Boiler steam drums and water drums
Surface condensers
Cable trays
Steel Structures
Earthing materials
Hot dip galvanized ladder
Powder coated ladder
Perforated cable trays
Overhead cranes
Pressure vessels
Columns & Towers
Pressure vessels

[ For storage and transportation of liquefied gases. ]

Thermal Storage Tanks
Gas plant equipments
Water Condenser
Belt Conveyor
Boiler Chimney
Oil Filtration Systems
Vacuum Piping System

Apart from above products we provide steel treatments and job works.  Our heat treatment shop processes various grades of carbon and alloy steel and stainless steel. The major activities that are carried out are 

Heat treatment | Pickling and passivation | Straightening | Profile cutting| Shot blasting

We specialise in jobs works for manufacturing aluminium rollers and other injection moulding machine parts and spare parts.  Our in house facility includes argon welding, grinding, balancing, polishing, hard chrome plating etc. Our product range features load cell roller, embossed aluminium roller and rubber roller.